Functional Fitness

Move quicker. Push harder. Achieve more. With Gilbert Personal Training, we take functional fitness to the next level. Whatever your sport or athletic hobby, we train essential muscle groups to handle the exertion. Explode out of the starting blocks faster, quicken your feet on the field, and improve your pull-up record for rock climbing. Whatever it is you do, engaging in a functional fitness regimen can take it to the next level.

At the most basic level, functional fitness is about making day-to-day movements easier. When we push it to the advanced level, it enhances all aspects of athletic activity. Whether you want to strengthen your core muscles to make balance easier or to hold a plank position for longer, we help you achieve those goals. Expand your range of motion, grow stronger, and achieve more than you thought possible with our team.

With more than 13 years of personal training experience, our certified trainers have partnered closely with people around the area who are ready to take their fitness to the next level. Physical health is about more than just lifting weights and putting them back down — it’s about being able to move through our lives with confidence and strength.

Enhance your sports performance or simply regain your ability to pick up laundry off the floor without experiencing pain. Gilbert Personal Training is here to help. Reach out now to get started.